Portable Car GPS Review: Garmin Nuvi 2797


The Garmin nuvi 2797LMT is one of the newer Garmin nuvi devices offered to those who want to make their car navigation a lot easier. It has a lot to ensure seeing that Garmin has released many successful Garmin nuvi products. It is likely that buyers will purchase those because older models are likely to get cheaper when newer models are introduced. But Garmin wishes make size just like the major reason to acquire this type of device.

Product Overview
The Garmin nuvi 2797LMT is one of the many Garmin GPS devices with the use of a 5-inch display. At the same time, it maintains its thin profile so it is still a mobile device that is actually quite easy to facilitate. It’s recommended used while attached to the windshield or dashboard because the screen is big enough to observe the graphics and interface from a distance. Compared to many of the budget 5-inch GPS devices, the nuvi 2797LMT is packed with a huge number of features.

Product Features
Garmin continues the tradition of implementing simple interfaces on the Garmin products. The nuvi 2797LMT receives the same treatment so it is extremely easy to plan your first route. Through the ‘Where to? icon toward the home screen, what you have to do is follow the instructions and you’ll have the first route. If you need to see other information such as the map, the ‘View Map’ icon can bring you there quickly.

Lots of the features involve the map. It shows your overall location in 2-D view so you could experience a bird’s eye view of the assorted points of interest beginning from banks to hospitals along with other important landmarks. The touchscreen display is highly responsive that makes it easy to zoom and finger swipe through different areas considering the map. There are a lot of destinations scattered close to the US there are is undoubtedly an option to add custom points of interest or update existing areas of the map for free through Garmin’s free lifetime maps service. The maps are also highly detailed as well as having the text-to-speech engine is likely to pronounce traffic names to help you drive safely while not having to glance at the screen each time a turn is required.

When the route involves a highway, the Garmin nuvi 2797LMT can properly guide you into the right lane so the upcoming exit could be made. It shows the appropriate lane in 3-D view which looks good in the 5-inch display. It’s also possible for multiple routes to become planned just by specifying the important thing destinations. The Garmin nuvi 2797LMT knows how to calculate a good route based on various factors which includes traffic conditions. The traffic conditions update in real-time because of the lifetime traffic updates and no subscription needed. The ecoRoute feature can also be used to help you make the most efficient path to assist you in saving lots of money. In case the route result in a remote city, the cityXplorer feature can optionally be used to solve exactly where the public transportation areas are.

Due to the Garmin nuvi 2797LMT has Bluetooth functionality, the device can wirelessly connect to any smartphone with Bluetooth support. As the device pairing is manufactured, any calls that are given to your phone will reflect on the Garmin nuvi 2797LMT. Meaning that you may use the Garmin nuvi 2797LMT for being hands-free device for communicating with others. The GPS unit encompasses a touchscreen keypad which allows you to make calls. Answering an incoming call can also be like tapping the screen.

Besides the Bluetooth feature, the Garmin nuvi 2797LMT also equips you with the ability to view JPEG images through its viewer as well as convert currency and measurement values. The world clock lets you track different time zones which is nice for very long land trips. Finally, the Garmin Connection Photos feature provides photo navigation as soon as you download pictures using the service. Content can possibly be kept in the MicroSD considering that the nuvi Garmin 2797LMT comes complete with an microSD slot for expanded storage.

Garmin nuvi 2797LMT has a lot of heavy features including full lifetime features. This happens to be great for a considerable GPS device as well as having the Bluetooth feature serves as a nice bonus for those that wouldnt like to buy the Bluetooth headset simply for driving.


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